Is Twitter the Emperor’s new Clothes?

Twitter has taken over my life. I’ve been owing a new blogpost for a couple of days now but I’ve been too busy either with employment lawyers, home insurance calls,sorting out Mr Pregnantcitygirl’s wisdom teeth extraction with BUPA or messing about on Twitter. I know that you are jealous of my life. Don’t be. It’s really not as interesting as it sounds. I use the staff for the really tedious tasks like holidaying and shopping trips to Milan and Paris!

Back to reality. Twitter. I’ve only just started tweeting and it scares me. No joke. It’s addictive (I have a VERY addictive personality ,anyway – more about that another time or even better, hopefully, you’ll forget). It’s also time-consuming. How do people manage to spend the time needed to really pay enough attention to maintain and to benefit from a twitter account to a reasonable level ? What is the world coming to? Aren’t there enough superb books out there still unread or even a simple newspaper before turning to (mostly) useless comments made by strangers. The amount of time that I have spent on twitter this week could have been put to much more constructive use, no? How on earth do people with actual jobs find the time and if they do what are they foregoing in order to do so?

Granted, there are some useful things to follow; news of course ( I follow the Guardiannews, BBCnews and LBC for London- yes I still have time for radio) and for my sins, hanging on for dear life to my career, follow the markets via Reuters and Jim Cramer.  I only follow around  30 people so far. Of course I must mention amongst those, HuffpostUK, MumsnetBloggers, Britmums and CyberMummy too – you get the theme. It’s not all useless but I didn’t need it before, do I need it now? I had my twitter time free to pursue more constructive things. Is this really good for today’s society? Perpetuating a culture of right here, right now. It does ‘t seem to get us anywhere good. I don’t want to preach but it’s so topical; look at the riots.  The looting mostly comes from a youth wanting everything here and now. We don’t expect to wait or work for things anymore it seems. I ask myself ‘ is twitter the Emperor’s New Clothes?’.

NB I’d welcome recommendations on any great people to follow, along, of course with any new followers @pregcitygirl !!! – Ok, I like what the emperor is wearing. It’s this season!