Lunch at a Michelin starred Restaurant for £17

Off back to the EGA Wing at UCLH to see the midwife . I’m doing the usual ‘ take the time on the tube to write my blog’ thing. Mr Pregnantcitygirl reading the Metro opposite me (a scintillating addition to the post, that!). I’m lucky to have him come with me, in fact, I’m so lucky as it would be impossible trying to keep him away. I’ve been thinking lately; I love him so much. I don’t know what I’d do without him. I don’t think we have your average marriage. I feel safe and protected with him. He’s always looking out for me, looking after me. I would never ever be worried that we might have an argument and he would think badly of me. I am probably too dependent. He was under the Aston the other day (nothing new there, he’s always taking things off, putting them on, draining break fluid, fixing the aircon- he’s brilliant like that luckily, as we certainly couldn’t afford to send it to the garage every weekend!) and the jack collapsed. I exaggerate once again because he wasn’t under it, (or is that just a plain old lie then?!) he had been under it. I came out to see the car with no wheels on perched precariously on our drive, resting on its chassis. He could easily have been crushed. Given that I’ve berm stung twice this summer by a wasp, my first time in 38 years of life, I am worried that my luck is running out or running low at the moment at least, so I really contemplated the tragic possibility of the worst at that moment and it’s not worth contemplating, if that the right way of putting it, so that it doesn’t sound like I might have been thinking that there was a positive side to it!
At the hospital now. Men are funny creatures. Start talking to complete strangers over football. I think football is for thugs but one thing I must say is that it seems unites people, when they’re on the same side that is. I think it’s a bit of an alien concept for women, forgive me all you football-loving geezer birds!!

Anyway, it’s now six hours after I began writing this and you may well be able to spot the flagging energy levels and the lack of enthusiasm . We’ve had a day out. 1st the midwife, then the hygienist (they offer piña colada or bubblegum gum numbing gel nowadays!), then a wander through London’s garment district trying on crappy ( I should have known, what do you get for £5 in a normal shop?) sale items -I felt like a whale- stick to black- then topped off by a superb, deliciously tasty £17 set menu at the Michelin starred Arbutus in Soho. On a restaurant note, as a foodie, I have to tell you that this is the best value gourmet meal I have found in London. Beats Pied a Terre and the Gavroche hands down! It’s a hard life !

PS I think the punctuation may be looking a bit iffy in the last paragraph, so I’ll accept any grammatic corrections!