Overdue again.

Uninteresting picture I know but just testing the image feature!

Overdue again. My blog post I mean, not me, clearly. I’m still pregnant. I have attended my first midwife appointment which was uninspiring ( what exactly did I expect?) and have started my stretchmark cream trial, the cream having now arrived from Barcelona ( sorry, not Majorca, I misinformed you in my last post).

For those of you control freaks out there ( nothing against them,me, I am one) more detail about my first appointment at UCLH where, godwilling, as my grandmother would say, I will be having my baby and not, as a very close friend of mine registered at the same hospital , on my hall floor! I had no idea how to even register but it’s easy . Despite getting a recommendation from my GP, my lack of patience led me to call the hospital the next day and self refer which one can do too. Needless to say, there and then I was given an appointment for my first scan ( well ,my 6th actually – control freak!) and to see the midwife with the latter being just 3 days later-Impressive. Not only that but the confirmation letters arrived promptly 2 days afterwards. Who says that the NHS is all bad? Not me. And anyway, I have no choice. Giving up the City job (more about that later), stupidly having spent the fruits of my labour over the course of that time, we have no choice. I tell myself that NHS is better, especially if there are any complications and that is definitely true, however I don’t foresee any problems ( I’m a positive thinker) and therefore the Portland would have suited me fine – honest truth ; I don’t even rate it there – it’s not all that inside, the rooms are ok. Not 10k’s worth of ok, that’s for sure. Plus, the EGA maternity wing at UCLH is brand new, hence ‘clean’ in my book!

Anyway, the midwife appointment was uninspiring but thorough, on time and to boot we got given a load of bumph to take home including a free nappy and a baby Sudocream – cute ( sadly, as this us my first pregnancy, I’m actually interested in this baby spam!). I needed to see a consultant sooner rather than later due to a possible immune problem I have and the midwife got me an appointment earlier than normally available aswell as letting me know the next working day that she’d done so.

All good so far. Scan in just under a week and I’m in week 12 now. Where did 3 months go. Despite my IVF consultant telling us at the week 10 scan that miscarriage risk was now less than 1% ( most mothers don’t get a 10 week scan but a 12 week one so 12 weeks is used as the time from which it is ok to tell everyone the happy news) we are, upon my husbands insistence, waiting until then to tell the very few my big mouth hasn’t extended it’s reach to yet! I’m sure all one of you following me is very keen to know about the cream. So suffice it to say that after 4 or 5 days use of Trofolastin that I am hopeful. I never really had any belief in Bio-Oil and so far I’ve been proven right – no effect whatsoever but this new cream feels like it’s working. The consistency is convincing ( whatever you choose to make of this!) and once massaged in it feels effective. Clearly, too soon to tell but I’ll keep you posted.

Lastly , this week has been exercise focussed. Having sat on my arse for 3 months with half an excuse (IVF mums are told to take it especially easy) I have bitten the bullet. Unfortunately for lazy old me it is well know that exercise is important for a healthy pregnancy and easier birth . So, I’ve signed up for pregnancy pilates ( expensive but past experience tells me pilates is very effective) and I went to my first pregnancy yoga class yesterday. Now that was a shock to the system. I felt like an imposter. The other 5 girls were big or ready to drop and there was me looking close to ‘normal’. On top of that I was the least flexible of the lot although that’s nothing new for me. Plus, this was my first official attempt at Kegel exercises!!! I really am pregnant aren’t I !