Is it acceptable to express a preference when it comes to the sex of your baby?

Week 25 begins today and for the more impatient (ie me) amongst us, we are week 26 and in week 25! Baby Boris (not our real choice, definitely not, or a nod to the mayor for that matter) can hear now. My BabyPlus pre-natal eduction system must be driving him mad! Not the desired effect at all. I am nurturing the next Einstein, I believe that I already mentioned that, didn’t I.

Boris wouldn’t work for girl either and there’s a 50% chance that that’s what we are going to have although I am convinced that it’s a boy.  This is a very controversial thing to say, and maybe I am being naive, not just saying the right thing which is ‘as long as it’s healthy’. I’m not one for politics, as you may have gathered from the above non-nod to our mayor, so I will say how I feel, if I feel that it is justified. I’m taking for granted that the baby’s healthy. Heaven forbid that it isn’t and we will cross that bridge if it comes, but for now I will revel in the happiness on an expected healthy baby.

So, I want a girl. I’m even worrying now that the boy in my tummy will read this one day and will feel unwanted, Darling, if this is you reading, I love you with all my heart and think that you are the best thing that ever came into this world, notwithstanding the fact that you came from me (and Daddy, who isn’t a bad specimen himself). I hope that you didn’t mind wearing the odd pink dress (joke!).

Why do I want a girl? Why does a very ungirly girl want a girl? It’s a bit contradictory you might think. Baby girls are cuter. They offer more opportunities for dressing up in pretty smock dresses ( I bet you didn’t take me for the old-fashioned type did you?! Especially sitting here with my two new hair extensions, one bright pink, one bright blue-I wanted Hair feathers but couldn’t find a single outlet on the day I needed to have them neither in Shoreditch nor Camden so I went for second best and two very subtle streaks!). The clothes in general are cuter, aren’t they? I’ve got bags full of Petit Bateau bought on our last holiday for both, providing for all (2!) eventualities. Correct me if I am wrong because I’m not at all experienced, first hand that is. Okay, lets cut to the serious reason behind this; of course it must be because I feel that I can relate to a girl more easily and that’s a fair point. At least for me expressing a preference at this stage. It’s not as controversial now is it? I did want to finish there but I’m not comfortable doing so. The conformist in me wants just to explain that I am unbelievably excited, that I can’t wait to meet Boris or Borisette and that in fact, I am already getting used to the idea that my baby boy will be born in November (everyone says it’s a boy). he has a pair of Petit Bateau Jeans and a very, very cute matching v-neck jumper waiting for him so I wish he’d hurry up!