Can I have a minute your time, please?

So, it all boils down to money;  my misery over the last couple of days – maybe not misery, that’s a bit strong but I’m finding it hard to get motivated to do much and I’m feeling very guilty for doing nothing and yet I don’t know what I can do which doesn’t involve spending money  that I’m still waiting (indefinitely?) to be paid. Can anyone empathize? I’m not used to not working for one. I’ve worked ever since university. At my desk at 6.30am ( I’m a morning person luckily or at least I was before I decided that there was nothing to get up for and of course let’s not forget that I’m pregnant so I’m grabbing( guiltily) a bit more sleep I suppose). I do have those Petit Bateau babygrows to list on EBay you may remember me mentioning. They are still sitting in the spare room/ nursery-to-be in carefully folded in their carrier bags. I might attempt it today! I would like to make a bit of money from them. That’s why I bought them. Help towards my Stokke stuffed nursery! Trust me to fall for the nicest and most expensive ( well at least certainly not the cheapest) .But have you seen their stuff? The cot (Sleepi as it is so named) can be used up until baby is 10 years old so really it’s good value, I tell myself. The reviews I have read are glowing too saying that its worth every penny.

Anyway, so there’s the Petit Bateau task, there’s also the carrot and coriander soup task ( I have a wilting bunch of coriander sitting in the fridge drawers that will be wasted if it doesn’t get used ,probably by today actually) plus, I won’t bore you with the rest . I do have things to do. I’m not used to having no structure and I’m crumbling. I thought pregnancy was a happy time. Don’t worry as you may know I’m not always like this, I am incredibly positive much of the time. Yesterday and today though, I’m not. If anyone has any advice having suffered similarly and also please, please any dream lawyer recommendations, I’m all ears. Back to Petit Bateau……


UPDATE!!! I did it at last. One babygrow listed. A few more to go. Plus I worked out how to link from my blog so I’m feeling a bit better!