10 minutes ’til potatoes and this time last year I would have been buying ING shares…

or Socgen or Dexia or maybe Lloyds. Selling some BNP Paribas or Barclays.  Actually, I probably would have been on my way down to get a bacon sandwich, possibly hungover having worked solidly since waking up at 5.30, leaving home at 5.45 and arriving in the office by 6.30. I would have digested the news, the overnight markets, the stories relating to the stocks that my clients hold and would have sat through a morning meeting consisting of analysts; some good, some bad, some boringly useless talking about corporate news (although to be fair the most useless never even manage to get themselves prepared to speak at morning meeting, credit to those who do!). I’ve got 10 minutes before the potatoes for the potato salad for our BBQ tonight are ready, now probably 8. You can’t burn boiled potatoes though, luckily!

It’s been a while since I thought about work, I miss it actually. I’m not going to go down the loss of identity path or moan about the lack of routine, not today anyway. I’m in a goodish mood. I think we are going to go for a 3d/4d  scan . It’s 24 weeks today. 112 days to go! Despite not knowing the sex, I want to see baby’s face. It’s the little (well £100 if you go to the Royal Free through MyScan for those of you in London – thats the cheapest I’ve found and they are good, I’ve been once already and actually saw Mr Economides as a gynaecologist before the IVF too) treat that we give ourselves. Keeps us going!

Baby was kicking a lot today. Mr Pregnantcitygirl (I’m sure he’d be thrilled with the new name!) can’t help but get excited every time he feels it. It’s really time for school, baby, not husband. The BabyPlus prenatal education system, remember?. We are on lesson 5. I am convinced that I am creating a real life Baby Einstein but then again I also have a superiority complex, us insecure types often do. Anyway, back to those potatoes…..

Oh, btw, does anybody have a  Stokke Xplory that they no longer need and would be willing to sell to go to a good home? Message me if you do. Thanks.