Calida – Luxury Pyjamas for all the Family

I’ve always been a Calida girl. I have pyjamas that I wore as a teenager still happily being worn and washed week after week, year after year. Whether it be St Moritz, Davos or Klosters, or even in my favourite of airports- Zurich, every ski holiday, my Daddy bought me a new pair. The comfiest, cosiest, softest and longest-lasting pyjamas one could ever wish for.

Calida has become an iconic brand to me. It stands for so many things and all those special childhood memories. I always want to wear my Calida pyjamas. Perhaps, subconsciously or almost consciously, I’m trying to hang on to the vestiges of my youth and certainly the memories of my late, great, father. He always knew what was what. The best places to ski, the smartest brand of shoes (Rosetti being a favourite!), and which pyjamas and underwear would last the longest. He was a font of knowledge and always looked for quality and substance over anything else.

So it happens that now with my children, I want to carry on the tradition and dress them in the best of the best for bedtime. It follows that if sleep is of the utmost importance, then what you wear in bed counts too. Calida pyjamas have stretch cuffs on both the arms and legs; no riding up or scrunching, just soft, stretchy cotton.


A Swiss brand that has been around since 1941, it has easily stood the test of time. Producing everything that is underwear to loungewear for adults and children. Developed in Sursee, in the heart of Switzerland, you get exactly what you would expect from the Swiss; precision, no compromise on workmanship, design or fabric. If there is one tradition to start earl on in the family it is to put your kids in Calida. It worked for me and is something that I am proud to pass to the next generation.