Skiwear – luxury for all ages in 2017

Another year and another ski season, more and better skiwear. As those who know me well know, I’m an avid skier. Its the one sport that I still love and that I continue to practice as much as I can. It’s the one family activity that has been passed down through my own family and one that give so much pleasure; watching my five year old ski makes me so happy. It’s almost the only thing that he actually does that I ask him to. So much has changed over the years. In the 39(!) years that I’ve skied, I’ve worn my fair share of one pieces and salopettes to skiing in jeans with  fluorescent gaiters as a ‘cool’ teenager to now looking for style, luxury and of course function all in one. In the 80’s you couldn’t have it all but technology has evolved and the landscape, apart from the snow-topped mountains, is unrecognisable.

I want to introduce three brands to those who don’t know what to buy. One for the kids – the warmest and most durable and luxurious ski suits around, one for the adults; a new skiwear brand that has leaped into the luxury arena with style and gusto and the most functional and life-changing accessories from Lenz Products.

For kids, best head to Denmark. Somehow they have managed to lead the market by a mile in snow gear and beyond. Their cool contemporary design, paired with ultra-durable and weather-proof fabrics means that every child can look and feel the part. The Scandinavians know how to brave the elements well. For me Mini A Ture is the go-to for everything outdoors and actually all things kid’s fashion. This Danish company makes the most gorgeous clothes for every season. The brand offers all manner of ski wear in gorgeous bright colours with their little star motif as their trademark. My little ones have been wearing their snow suits every season. These aren’t items that you want or need to throw away, rather pass down from sibling to sibling. they also make matching accessories from gloves to hats. With Mini A Ture, attention to detail is everything; designed to be easy to pull on and off, durable beyond belief, waterproof, breathable and of the highest quality. Kids are comfortable, warm and happy. To the adults. There really aren’t that many luxury brands out there. Especially for us here in the UK we don’t get that much choice. I can’t stand boring ski suits.Nowadays, you can be stylish, comfortable and totally weatherproof in clothing that to actually want to wear  off piste as well as on! Don’t go for boring, practical stuff. There’s no need. Today you can have it all with EmmegiA relative newcomer to the market also available in the UK is Emmegi. An interesting story behind the brand too. Started by an Italian male model brought up in Salzburg. Discovered by a scout at 21, he became a huge success and this success, in fact, 5 days of modelling, financed the launch of a hot new brand of skiwear that takes no prisoners and is without compromise both for functionality, quality and most importantly design. Milos Gvozdich, a big character and a creative soul at heart, taught himself how to design and cut patterns on his days off. The first collection was a hit and he has never looked back since.Custom made fabrics and ever-changing designs, each collection is different and brings something new to the table. Both my husband and I wore Emmegi this year and I kid you not, my husband barely takes off his ski jacket. It is so versatile and looks so stylish that he wears it in London on a daily basis. The ski wear comes as separates with different styles and fabrics for both jackets and trousers – look for the stretch trousers- so easy to wear and the brand also does a dazzling array of fleeces and base layers too.Now, before I leave for our last trip to Austria. I have one last secret to share. Heated equipment. I have terrible circulation and have spent many years with numb fingers and toes or freezing st the tip of Swiss mountains in -20 degrees. A huge game-changer has arrived and although it’s taken a while to perfect, Lenz has changed my life and will do so for anyone who feels the cold badly or who want to ski in the most adverse of conditions. Or for those just wanting to keep warm full stop!

We tested the Lenz heated gloves, socks and vests in January. It was almost not cold enough to benefit given the seven days of sunshine we had but sitting on a chair lift in the wind ( one of the old, uncovered ones!) I just cranked up the heat to level three and I was toasty. Bluetooth enabled, with a rechargeable lithium pack battery (and USB charger) that is barely there, you can control the heat anywhere in your body from your phone or directly at source with easily accessible buttons.

The gloves heat individually to the tips of the fingers and the socks to the toes. The vest is lightest of lightweight and is breathable and stretchy. I remember the days of lighting a piece of carbon and holding it in a solid, heavy holder. Gosh, I’m old.

With Lenz you get up to 20 hours heat at a time. Genius! Once you try these you will never, ever want anything else!

So before you ski, hear to Mini A Ture, Emmegi and Lenz and bag the family the best kit you can get. Emmegi can also be purchased in the UK here