iPhone Cases – Luxury at your Fingertips 

Everyone has a phone. Most people have some sort of case ( don’t they?!). I suffered a huge loss last month when my supposedly protected iPhone 5s ( yes, sorry, I know I’m behind the times but I have 2 kids at  private school to pay for) fell on the floor in such a way that the cover couldn’t cope and it shattered. A cut finger later and a move to a new network in order to get the new iPhone 7 and here I am. 

I’m older, more discerning. I don’t want sparkle, jokes, plastic. I want quality and workmanship.

So, here are my top picks for iPhone covers – luckily they do android too.

If you want class, quality, luxury, leather then head to either Marcel Robert – 100% handmade and the best French leather there is to buy …

or Il Busetto – hand tainted, vegetable-tanned leather. French and Italian quality covers. No questions asked. Just buy them!