Brand Watch – Serengeti Sunglasses – If Kiefer Loves Them…

aveI bet you thought that you knew everything there was to know about sunglasses! Easy? Right!? Raybans, Chanel, Prada, yada yada, yada. Now, sunglasses are a huge fashion accessory. Everyone loves them. You always look good in a good pair and there are so many out there that it’s always easy to find a pair to suit you if not as easy to part with the cash it costs to buy them these days.

I remember the time when I used to have a collection of sunglasses worth hundreds of pounds or well, in fact, not worth anywhere near the hundreds of pounds that I’d paid for them because they are literally just pieces of plastic with great marketing behind them. They don’t offer you anything special apart from that feelgood factor that ultimately wears off with just that, wear.

Anyway, I digress. I have had a world opened up to me. Driving glasses to be precise. I happen to have the pair that Kiefer Sutherland wears and wore for filming that mega-addictive series 24. I am talking about Serengetis. Once you wear them you will never look (excuse the pun!) back. It’s like eating at Heston Blumethal verses eating at Burger King (albeit a very expensive Burger King). It’s one of the last bastions of ignorance that hasn’t been outed yet. People have no idea about the quality of the lenses that they are covering their eyes with. I didn’t either. It’s amazing what we take for granted. Our sight, on of our six senses. You would think that we would be more careful but the big boys have bought the market and there are few out there interested in explaining the difference between quality and lack thereof.

Serengeti made the first driving glasses and pioneered photochromic lenses. They adjust to changes in light so that your eyes do not have to. Don’t get this wrong they aren’t the old-fashioned ones that visibly change colour on you. No, they make the world look unbelievably clear but they actually protect your eyes. Pilots uses them, military too. These are not to be messed with top quality, proper sunglasses. The technology was originally destined for top of the range car windscreens to produce a safer drive, better clarity, superior definition but luckily for us they now have been incorporated in to amazing fashion sunglasses.

The range is gorgeous, they have aviators that have had my so-loved Raybans put to bed too. Try them and you will never go back plus you can be smug in the knowledge that you are still one of an elite few in on a very special secret.