Brand Watch – Fashion – Winser London

I’ve just taken delivery of a gorgeous new woolen jacket and matching snood (yes, snood, they really can form part of a chic, timeless wardrobe if done properly as is this one!) in Hollywood Red from a company that just by chance, I heard about through twitter when another journalist was singing the praises of their miracle trousers, one of the most flattering pair of trousers money can buy. They have since  added to the Miracle Collection; cleverly cut dresses, leggings, a pencil skirt. If one salivated over clothes then now is the time.  It is simply impossible to choose because with just one of each you are forming a capsule wardrobe.

You may not have heard of Winser London but then if you haven’t it’s definitely your loss. The fashion house and brainchild of  Kim Winser, the ex-Pringle , Aquascutum and Agent Provocateur boss opened for business online last year and has gone from strength to strength. Fronted by Jasmin Le Bon who makes every piece look even more amazing, Winser has concessions in Harvey Nichols and John Lewis and is now expanding internationally. It’s easy to see why  Ms. Winser has seen such success. Check out the pieces. Each and every one is a wardrobe staple made to fit perfectly and  more importantly flatter, all of this using exceptional quality fabrics.  It’s not cheap but then you don’t want to look cheap and the value is exceptional as these pieces are built to last.

They have kept the offering small and focussed with production always close to source of  the fabric which keeps costs down but also means that production is fast. They have flexibility and  have been known to even make garments to order when someone has requested a piece in a different colour. They have since won the praises of the Zara boss for just this reason, where Zara’s prime objective is also to get pieces on to the shop floor from the catwalk as soon as they can. It’s a business model that works. Perhaps Winser could be seen as a niche, designer version of Zara if you like but with each piece being timeless.

It was hard for me to pick out what I wanted from their offering. Most things come in a choice of the classic and flattering colours, black of course, camel, Midnight Blue, Hollywood Red. It is easy to get carried away as mixing and matching works. Winser offers the modern woman style at her fingertips. Check out Kim Winser’s top 10 key pieces for work here.

In the end I chose as my favorite pieces. I’m not sure how much Jasmin Le Bon played in my choice, but I’m pleased nevertheless. I have been in dire need of some colour in my very black wardrobe and the Hollywood Red looks brilliant on blondes as well as brunettes!