Top Picks for Autumn/Winter 2015 – Kids’ Shoes. Three Amazing Brands to Know.

I hate to break it to you but the season is upon us. We are seeing somewhat of an Indian summer so far. First weeks back at school a distant memory; my little one now in ‘big school’ which effectively is just a change of building with reception to come next September, (he’s a November baby) so we are in luck with only half day fees to pay for one more year!

I took him to get his feet measured and luckily three pairs still fit, but come half term and it’s all change on the shoes. His little brothe has just arrived, so at least I know that there’s more wear in all his lovely collection to come. For he shoes need to be good quality and not something to save on. Little feet are fragile and need to be properly looked after. On top of this, my little one is hypermobile so needs extra ankle support. With this in mind, I’m going for a few options this winter .

The first brand that I’m really loving at the moment is a real throwback to times passed. Menthe et Grenadine is a brand that offers timeless, classic shoe styles. Ones that you rarely see anymore. I much prefer traditional to ‘on trend’ for kids; at least until they are old enough to choose for themselves. We seem to want to produce mini-adults these days and that includes the way we clothe our kids. I find it a little precocious and certainly uncalled for. We have so many years as adults – why rush?

Menthe et Grenadine shoes are exactly the type of shoes that I wore as a child. Made in a small family-run Southern European factory that has mastered the art of shoemaking, each pair is special. The quality is superb and huge emphasis is put of foot health and fit. Their styles offer something for all occasions at reasonable prices. My pick for winter – the Olivier (£45.99)

A relatively unknown brand here in the UK is my next pick. Beautiful hand-made shoes from Italy of the quality that you rarely ever see. The brand is called Ocra and is owned by an Italian company specialising in hand-made children’s shoes. Their success has come from an original and genuine approach to shoe-making; where top notch materials are used in conjunction with shoes-making techniques inherited from master shoemakers. 

This is the real deal here. A pair of shoes becomes a work of art. Ocra has a ‘back to nature’ mantra and focuses on a very low environmental impact with natural vegetable treatment and chrome-free leather. Styles mix timeless flair with modern hints and shoes are to-die-for.

My last choice but by no means least, is a name that many will be familiar with; Primigi. A staple in my son’s wardrobe each season, this Italian brand offers a vast selection of hugely wearable, high-quality shoes for every season and look. Their focus is on foot health and of course shoe quality and fit. Available online at Melijoe.

Any mother looking to keep her kids in shoes that will look after growing feet on a day to day basis need look no further. Primigi has something for every occasion and foot. This season, their Gore-Tex offering is also huge, so little and growing feet can keep warm, dry and breathe in whatever style takes their fancy or fits their need with a huge selection of boots too. Allen Trainer £44. Available at Iglookids.

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