Choosing a Balance Bike – Choose Orbea

Every child needs to learn to ride a bicycle, don’t they? Scooters are fine and dandy but riding a bike is a life skill!

Balance bikes seem to have become much more popular than they ever were abd rightly so because they teach the first element of riding perfectly and that is balance. 

The market is swamped with choice but I’ve done the hone oriel for you on this one to save you time. If you want the best of the best then go straight for an Orbea. This Spanish company knows just a tiny bit about bikes having started producing them in 1840 in a factory in the Basque county, they have experience. They are leaders in their field and artisans too, producing the best bikes in the world for every occasion and use. Every tiny detail of each design is handpicked for its use. They believe in making the bike as much a part of its rider as possible.

This is serious stuff here. Used in competition throughout the world. If you are looking for truly the best of the best go for a Orbea Grow. It’s not cheap but then sometimes you don’t want cheap. This is the ultimate balance bike that grows with your child so in fact you get value for money too. Made of aluminium like full-sized bikes, it’s light too. There is a Grow 0,1 and 2 and each bike is adjustable three ways to accommodate growing bodies. A real joy to ride and to watch your child learn on something that’s more akin to a piece of art. £169 at Orbea

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