Brand Watch – Home -Von Haus

This is just a quick post to tell you all about my new obsession! I’ve been looking for a hand-held vacuum for a while now. The nesting instinct well and truly here and my OCD for cleanliness is cranked up to ‘high’.

Whilst doing my research for something cheap, effective and cheerful I came across a cordless stick vacuum that houses a handheld within it, so, two for the price of one. After each meal or upon seeing any specks of dirt on my cream carpet, I whisk it out. The fact that it is light and cordless is amazing and makes it so easy to use. I think of it as a DustBuster that I don’t need to bend down to use. Coming in a £50 it’s a bargain for anyone wanting a spotless home! By Von Haus. Or buy here with free delivery.

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