The Best Ski Gear for Kids

When it comes to skiing and being outdoors in the winter it’s important to dress children in the best ski gear that there is to offer. Fresh mountain air is amazing when you feel comfortable; that means warm and toasty or cool and dry depending on the activity and conditions. A cold child is not going to be a happy one. So, in order to nurture a passion for nature and the outdoors, make sure that your children are properly clothed!

Skiing is my passion and over the many years, I’ve skied in temperatures that have turned a runny nose into an icicle. Down to -26 in St. Moritz once or twice. As with any outdoor activity, you can become incredibly hot too so your clothing needs to be very robust. Long gone are the bulky jackets and thick uncomfortable towelling socks.

My latest favourite brands are both top end in price and quality but deservedly so. Clever design, room to grow a size and quality that will withstand enough wear to be passed down to siblings means that paying that little bit more actually works out to be better value overall.

Isbjørn of Sweden is a kids label born from two mother’s passion to offer the very best to children. To clothe them ethically, from start of production to end user – their environmental credentials are second to none. Realising the impact of chemicals on generations to come they live by the 4 R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle and repair.

To kit them out to love every minute outdoors come rain or shine. ´Multisporters by Nature’ is how Isbjørn of Sweden captures the soul of it’s label and with forest school originating in Scandinavia, it’s no surprise that they make some of the best kit around. Children sweat and lose heat more easily than adults so they need correct kit and not just cute-looking clothes.

Isbjørn ranges from 0-14 years, covering all layers from base to outer, kids have premium, sustainable protection all year round, letting them enjoy doing what comes naturally, playing outdoors. Designs are also gorgeous! Sticker on the U.K. at a handful of places I’m looking forward to seeing them grow and assume the place that they rightfully deserve in the marketplace!

Spyder has been around a while longer and has a totally different lineage to the small but perfectly formed Isbjørn. Am American apparel company specialising in skiwear, every luxury kids store that does ski stuff will stock it. Founded in 1978 and supposedly the ‘worlds largest specialty ski brand’ they have earned their place well.

Covering all layers for both adults and children alike, their suits can be spotted everywhere on the slopes. Synonymous with quality, their fabrics are the best.

Spyder’s ‘small to tall’ grow feature means that you can extend hems by two inches, justifying the cost of buying top quality. This company has developed their own waterproof technology for their fabrics that makes them breathable too. Of course every little detail is present from internal mesh goggle pockets to lift pass pockets and elasticated powderskirts. The technical details are the same for both adults and children alike, so the little ones can get on and enjoy the snow. Their ski pants come in variety of designs but I particularly love the fleece stretch vest attached for the youngsters. It adds that extra layer of warmth and comfort and is adjustable to fit. Again Spyder trousers feature the 2 inch ‘small to tall’ grow feature which is key to affordability and they are spec’d up to the max with scruff guards snow gaiters with gripper elastic too. Keeping snow out firmly out! Snow gear is mix and match so whichever style you go for it’s easy to find a style. My particular fave has to be the Marvel collection. Think very expensive dress-up!

So, two great brands for tomorrow’s future champions. Whichever you choose, you couldn’t ask for more. Comfortable kids means 100% attention to fun!

Happy skiing!