Brand Watch – Flymo – Lawnmowers

Okay, this isn’t my most exotic post to date! However, it’s got to be close to every Englishman and Woman’s heart because we do love our gardens. I, just like the rest, love pottering in mine. We host infamous BBQ’s each Summer and my little boy and I have just started enjoying picnics after school in the shade of his football goal!

Being luckily enough to have quite a sizeable garden in London (don’t hate me, we have nightmare neighbours instead!) it doesn’t keep itself. I had never been much into gardening until Mr. PGC became to busy and we didn’t want to spend the money on a gardener –  preferring school fees and new babies!

Needless to say it fell to me to mow the lawn and shock! horror! I quite enjoyed it. Cue the motor blowing on our lawnmower. So, on the hunt for a new lawnmower I found my new trusty Flymo. A household name for many years, I was convinced that they were just for postage stamp gardens but lo and behold, having done my research I found that they are great for bigger gardens and they are easy to use, plus, importantly, buying one won’t break the bank.

They offer main types of mower; a rotary and what they are best-known for; their hover mower. I wanted good old-fashioned stripes in my lawn so I bucked the trend and  went for the rotary which has great pleased to report that it’s easy to use and my fingers are turning greener by the day. So, not only can they perfect a hover mower but if you are after a more traditional rotary, then don’t overlook Flymo: less Fly and more Mow. I used the Rotary 37vc and it’s fab!
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