Brand Watch -Home – simplehuman – Tools for Efficient Living

st1027-rechrg-ssp-main-1-r1-swop_1One brand that I’ve come across whilst searching for the best of the best is the very clever simplehuman. They take simple everyday products used in the home and refine them to the max, making each one the best it can be.

They aim to make day-to-day life easier and look to solve simple problems that others might overlook. So, a gorgeous x-framed laundry basket with breathable fabric or kitchen bins that have a sensor to open them with compartments for recycling all look good but just posses that added something. I hate touching my kitchen bin, especially with wet or sticky hands; when peeling vegetables or needing to throw away a dripping can. Any time you might think ‘oh why can’t they make it like this?’ simplehuman does!

Their aesthetic is really pleasing too- simple luxe. Products aren’t cheap but they are built to last, to work for you and to look good. My kitchen sink has its very own sensor hand wash pump just next to the tap. It comes with a cable to charge to my beloved HP Envy (needs charging every four months or so) and means that I no longer need to handle the soap dispenser with fishy/sticky/raw-meaty hands which spreads germs! Genius for the home. Why didn’t someone think of this before?