Ring – Video Doorbell – Top Gadget for Home Security


Things have changed substantially when you look at technology in the home. Our flat screen TVs was once the height of hi-tech to me. Now it seems that suddenly I’m old and technology has moved on in leaps and bounds, Lights, heating and hot water all controlled from a smart phone for example.

Looking on Facebook a while back – I’m a member of lots of local mummy/family group – a mother living nearby posted a video of someone suspicious looking like they were trying to break into her house. She posted in the local group to alert people of a possible threat and we could see the man’s face and who he was perfectly. Now everyone in the area can be vigilant too. She posted this footage from her Ring video doorbell. It detected movement outside her front door and videoed the man in question.

The ring video doorbell is basically a wireless doorbell with a built in camera that is connected wirelessly to your smartphones via an app. Each time it rings you are alerted via your phone. You hear the doorbell ring and can pick it up as you would a call. You see via the video doorbell who is at your front door and you can speak to them as you would from an intercom system in your house. Also, for a very small fee, you can set up a subscription which records each time the sensor on the doorbell detects movement. Genius. You can also set up so that every member of the family has the app and can answer the door from anywhere.

Being at home with two little ones, security is really important to me and also as more and more shopping get delivered, being able to answer the doorbell from anywhere using a smartphone means that I never miss an Amazon delivery and can tell them exactly where I want it left. Genius.

Take a look at the video below. Ring really has changed the way we answer our door and added another level of security to our homes. A true advance in home technology and one that’s a must have for every home.

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