Brand Watch – Home – True Grace – Home Fragrance

Reed diffusers are a gorgeous way to make the home smell amazing! If you are looking for the best of the best out there then head to True Grace. All made from the finest natural ingredients in Wiltshire they have four collections – Manor, Walled Garden, Curious and Village all inspired by what their names represent. I’ve chosen a stunning scent from the curious range bringing the exotic and unusual from ‘tobacco’ (a freshly opened box of cigars) to ‘a bowl of mandarins’. There is a fragrance to suit everyone with sixty-two in total – I’m looking forward to try ‘vine tomato’ and ‘stem ginger’ next. True Grace also makes luxury candles, room sprays and perfume

The diffusers themselves are elegant glass jars, based on Victorian apothecary bottles and are in themselves a small piece of art to add to any room. True Grace also makes luxury candles, room sprays and perfume. Their perfumes will have a special appeal to those looking for something unique; a signature scent.