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My nesting instinct has hit early this time. Four months to go until baby number two arrives and I’m already at it. Perhaps it’s something to do with the lack of space; we do already have one gorgeous little boy now and all the paraphernalia that goes along therewith – toys, toys and more toys. Clothes, clothes and more clothes! So, with space at a premium I’m feeling like what we have of it needs to be super-clean and tidy. A little background on me for you – I’m a real clean freak; borderline OCD I imagine.

We have a lovely new au-pair who is a massive help for the regular stuff, but in between our old and new girl, I needed a clean fix. My regular cleaner from the past was busy and I didn’t have time to start asking around for recommendations. So, in our age of apps and internet for everything I took the plunge and went for the latest new thing in hiring staff – Housekeep. An online booking platform for cleaners, they have been featured in many national broadsheets and are the team behind Kabbee, Streetcar and Crowdcube- so a force to be reckoned with. After all, there was no way that I was leaving my house and it’s cleaning open to a stranger without having a lot of peace of mind first!

They know that they have huge competition out there and that unless they provide a service that is exemplary, then there is no point in trying to compete. And that is exactly what they have done. A young company with young but experienced entrepreneurs behind it they have just what it  takes to take a simple concept that can go so badly wrong and make it so very right. Utterly professional from the vetting of cleaners, insurance, online payment and booking through to the actual cleaners themselves and their standard of cleaning.

On the day of my booking, Andrea, a lovely and super capable cleaner turned up, a few minute early – perfect, I can’t stand tardiness and first impressions and all that…(she waited outside but I spotted her on the way back from the school run!). She straight away put on her slippers and after a brief chat, got to work. Each new household is asked a number of practical questions when booking – where the products are kept, the mop, the vacuum etc so the cleaner isn’t clueless upon arrival. Something so small and simple but it makes a big difference if you are letting a newcomer in.

Andrea cleaned meticulously for four hours. No cutting corners, no need for me to prompt her. Light fittings, skirting boards, every crack and crevice. She knew what to do and how to do it well. I was thoroughly impressed and believe you me, it’s not easy to impress me! Two days later, she came back for another four hours to finish the job. She was nice to have around, unassuming but polite and professional and she got on with it. If I ever need a cleaner again, she will be my woman. The great thing with Housekeep is that you can book the same cleaner for a regular clean. A brilliant new service, these guys are going to clean-up, I’m sure!
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