The Best Creams to Prevent Stretch Marks

This is round two for me. Round one left me with no stretch marks and I’m hoping to keep them at bay again using a combination of tried and tested and new products!

My first is one that used religiously throughout pregnancy number one. It’s made by pharma company, Novartis and has some good studies backing up efficacy – Trofolastin. Not widely available in the UK, it’s a must!

I’ve also been sent and started using a combination of two more ‘natural’ alternatives.

Derma Eraze Miracle Oil– a blend of organic healing oils that can be used on anything from dry skin to dry hair and beyond. Created to heal skin after needling, it sinks it vestigially and leaves skin super soft.

RemeScar stretch marks – an I no active silicone-based cream that actually diminishes stretch marks and improves the look of skin.

Another great little find is Purepotions Skin Salvation – use on any dry skin, especially itchy skin which can become bothersome during pregnancy!

Last but by no means least I believe it keeping skin super-moisturised at all times. It makes sense when stretching it that it shouldn’t be dry!

For me I have two trusted products from a brand that is recommended universally by dermatologist – Eucerin;

Ato Control Bath and Shower Oil which contains over 50% omega oils and is fragrance, colorant and preservative -free and Replenishing Body Wash with 5% urea and lactate- natural moisturising factors that bind moisture to the skin.

So, keep moisturised throughout. The above list should give you more choice than you need!
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