In The Know – Luxury Products at Knockdown Prices – A Designer Rug


It’s been a while since I’ve written. I’ve again had lots on my mind. Quasi-health issues.  Money issues, neighbour issues – you name it, it’s been happening.  It’s not been easy keeping up with the reviews and I’ve been turning a fair few down- just can’t do it. I am having to pick and choose very carefully.

One that I sourced myself and that warrants a great write up is for a company called Designer Carpet Remnants. In our apartment we had a gorgeous, hand-woven, woollen rug in ‘easy to ruin beige’!  We had had it since day one of moving in. It had been made to order at a jaw-dropping cost in excess of £1800. For a truly luxurious, thick-pile rug of the 3m by 5m variety, that’s how much you have to spend.

Many more people these days, including ourselves, opt for the wooden floor option. It’s easier to look after and more hygienic. We do however, have carpet in our bedrooms – much, more cosy and I’ll never be a convert to anything else. In our hall, our kitchen and our living/dining room though, wood reigns. So, for the last five years, our beige carpet has kept it soft under foot. It has also played host to a million and one cat accidents ( the less said the better but suffice it to say that it was professionally cleaned to death until eventually our beloved cats had to go – to good homes- just couldn’t work with a crawling baby about) and later on, lots and lots of food thrown from highchairs!

So, we kept it until I could stand it no longer and then the research began into how I could replace such a large rug on a like for like  basis at a fraction of the cost. My best friend, having just moved into and furnished a multi-million pound house ( some of us luckier than others!) gave me an idea. They had opted for offcuts of their carpets made them into rugs. I suppose they had to economise somehow! Anyway, having seen the finished product, I was convinced. What a great idea! I looked on the internet to see what I could find as we had no carpets to take offcuts from.

My research led me to a company based up in Derby with a very helpful owner, Steve. The company, Designer Carpet Remnants sells offcuts of very expensive and very high quality carpets. Having been in the business over 30 years, they know what they are doing. It wasn’t hard to find something that took my liking as they stock around 1000 different carpets and sizes with brands like the Alternative Flooring Company, Westex and Crucial Trading,  I knew straight away that whichever I chose, the quality was going to be fantastic as they stock top names.  They also sent me my samples next day delivery so for people with no patience, like myself, the service is second to none!


Having been on to the website and found a gorgeous natural coloured carpet that was large enough for our room, the rest was easy. Steve sent me the many sample colours of the herringbone cotton edging to choose a complementary colour and a week later our rug arrived.  At a discount of around 75% of the normal costs we got a 100% woollen designer rug for under £500. A steal. Take a look on the website and see for yourself. They also do stock a massive choice of sisals,  natural floorings and rugs. Before you look elsewhere, check them out – you are sure to find your champagne carpet for beer money. We love ours!