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You might think that this is a bit of an odd thing to post about but it’s not. I’m all about telling you what to buy if you want to buy the best and given that most of us shower or bathe at least once a day ( I hope you do, anyway!) this product is one that gets loads of use but not much accolade.
We all choose our soap, bath oils, shower gels carefully and according to our mood and skin type but when it comes to towels, nobody ever mentions a thing.
You can pick them up everywhere, from Sainsburys to Selfridges but the truth of the matter is that buying quality pays. You pay peanuts – you get monkeys,  as they say.
There’s a big part of my childhood and in fact my life wrapped up (excuse the pun) in this post. The brand of towels that I’m writing about and that every family should have or inherit is Kismet. I say inherit with no exaggeration at all. I still have a Kismet bath sheet, so large I can wrap myself twice from head to toe in it and its over 30 years old! Passed down the line via my university days to find itself in my family home now.
So, as our old set of (expensive – won’t mention the brand) towels started to wear and fray, thoughts turned to replacements. As times are tougher now than ever before a decision like this has to be taken very seriously.
There are two ways to go. ‘Throwaway’ or ‘for keeps’. Things like clothing, every so often, when its something that’s a fashion of the moment buy, then throwaway is fine but buying cheap is often a false economy and never more so than with things that get endless usage and washing and tumbledrying.
With this in mind, I introduce you to the best of the best and I have done thirty years of testing! We went straight for more Samuel Lamont, Kismet towels. Also, nice to know too is that the towels are made ethically, in Europe and that the company is a family owned business that has manufactured home textiles for over 200 years. In this day and age where everything is outsourced to countries with cheap labour, this is no mean feat and a testament to the quality of their products.
They supply top hotels and luxury stores. Their products really are the best of the best. They are the manufacturers of the Poli Dry tea towel – the original and the best for over four decades – thick, soft and luxurious and hard-wearing. Like their towels they soak up water rather than pushing it about a bit – my biggest bugbear with towels – they don’t absorb the water and given that its their sole purpose I cannot understand how the majority don’t. It’s a quality issue of course.
So, they come in every colour and many sizes but the greatest advantage of them all size-wise is that as far as my research has shown, you cannot find a bigger bath sheet anywhere (the extra large one is 150-200cm!) and there is nothing better than stepping out of the bath and cocooning yourself in a warm thick absorbent towel from head to toe! So go for Kismet by Samuel Lamont. You will never need to buy another set of towels again!