Pick of the Day – Eye Cream

Today, a short post on a product that I think is worth a mention. It’s a bit leftfield and many of you may not recognise the brand but I do from my time following companies in the City and at last I get a chance to sample their wares! Oriflame is a Swedish company and if any of their products can add a ‘Swedish edge’ to my looks then I’ll be more than happy!

They have an astonishing array of products from skincare through to make-up and even kids cute accessories.  and offer ‘Beauty the Swedish way’ with nature being a defining inspiration for the company. That said, they also have a massive basis in science with over 40 years experience and state of the art R&D.  They test their products on real people in their Oriderm facility and they really connect with the consumer trying to tailor their offering to consumer-led demand. I think the company offers a breath of fresh air from the norm and it is for this reason that I agreed to test their Bioclinic Circulation Eye Power Accelerator Day/Night.

Another great combination product, so no need for separate morning and evening skincare – something busy mummies appreciate. The tube comes with a pen-shaped applicator and you just squeeze out a little and dab around the eye area.

The amount of sleep that I’ve been getting, or more precisely the lack thereof means that dark circles are a constant. I have never suffered terribly and I must admit that since I have had my peel I also feel that the under eye area has improved but what better a way to test a new product that on new skin. I have definitely felt that product has been sinking in much better since.

Bioclinic is Oriflame’s first cosmeceutical range and is the result of 5 years of research. The basis is of which is to target inflammation of the skin, which has been found to be a key cause of many signs of ageing.

The cream contains centella, more commonly known as gotu kola which aids circulation and MircobrightTM technology to brighten skin and fade discoloration. I felt a slight tingling sensation when first applying and a fresh cooling feeling. My skin feels lighter and brighter. A far cry from the heaviness that can be associated with eye creams given that you are dealing with such a delicate area. It’s always nice to feel bright-eyed, especially when life is throwing you the challenge of very little sleep in reality!

So,  in conclusion, I’d like to say that I am quite a fan. It’s helping me out in my time of need and my eye area definitely looks better!