I can’t feel my bottom! (and my eyesight is failing)


Oh god! Where to start today? I have million of things going through my head, some of which I am happy to share, others which I am not so. I’m alone again today so you know what that means; immature mummy-to-be Pregnantcitygirl is lonely and bored (‘don’t use that word, it’s a horrible word!’). I’m watching ‘This Morning’ (what a load of old rubbish) and sitting in bed (again) my bottom becoming increasingly numb the longer I sit here laptop fittingly perched on  my lap!

This week has been manic. Well, manic for a redundant person with no real job and nothing major to do. Where does the time go? It scares me that it’s this easy to sit life away. It begs the question; is it better to be working at a job that provides a routine even if it’s massively stressful rather than be left to ones own devices? Of course for me there is no in-between. it’s either black or white. I don’t do grey! The answer lies in the grey, I know. Luckily, I only have 10 more weeks to contemplate this philosophical questions as we are in week 30 now. As I have been told numerous times by my friends already with children, any fanciful philosophizing will become a distant memory. As for the boredom and loneliness, well , I’ll be lucky!

I’m very, very excited today. I am going along with my gorgeous mummy next week to An Evening of Anti-ageing  with Dr. Andrew Douglas, Harley Street’s hottest new ‘doc on the block’! The PR company that has invited me has asked if my mother would like to be a model for the evening. She is a beautiful, young-looking, 60 year old and I hoping to convince her to do it. She isn’t the vain type and has never spent a lot on beauty products and never had anything ‘done’ not even botox (I say even because it’s as common as white bread these days!). I really, really hope that I can convince her and live vicariously through her! Not that I have given into botox yet (I’m waiting for Pelleve), but being pregnant I can’t be the model for the evening (I would have agreed in a heartbeat). Anyway, we go along next Thursday and I’ll post an update afterwards. Should be a good evening either way. I love this type of thing. It’s good to know what’s new out there.

I’ve been tweeting madly about this; we are off to the Goodwood Revival this weekend. Friday is my birthday so I’ll be spending it there. It’s been a bit of a palaver finding an outfit for each of the three days but I’ve done it, even if I am verging on a 70’s look. I have a choice now of 2 shorter dresses (both ‘vintage’ Primark), three maxi dresses ( 2 Camden, 1 Ebay) and one dress/coat combi (50’s, Spitalfields Affordable Vintage Fair). It’s become a bit overwhelming. I’ve also bought some very classy plastic white-patent platform  (60’s/70’s) boots, a black and white patent plastic handbag and a fantastic black and white hat. Not to mention the white plastic hoop earrings and the string of pearls ( not to be worn together!).

I love this hat!


Lastly for today, as I still have 999,999 things to think about doing, we should receive our 4D DVD of Baby Pregantcitygirl today from Cocoon4D . I’ll post it asap. Will be an interesting exercise working out how to!