Hair feathers from Feather Ray a hot, hip, pregnancy pick-me-up

Are you looking for a beauty pick-me-up? Are you pregnant? Feeling fat, frumpy, ugly? Ok, well I’m going a bit overboard but you get my drift. It’s not easy when you’re pregnant. No point spending on clothes that won’t fit in two weeks time, not the greatest idea to keep dyeing your hair, there’s only so much make-up one can or will want to pile on. So, what can you do? I know what I’ve done. I’ve gone down the hair route today and not the conventional colour and cut either. No, not me! I’ve always been a bit of an experimentalist and a hippy ,(well, I like to think so anyway!) so to add to my flourescent pink and blue streaks, (extensions I acquired in Camden last week) today I’ve added hair feathers and I love them. At long last too, as I’ve been in search of somewhere to have them put in ever since I read about them a few weeks ago in the Style section of The Sunday Times. These are no common all garden feathers I’ll have you know either, these are premium chicken feathers that are in short supply I am told (I bet they’re free-range too! ).Being natural means that they wash well too, like normal hair. Having tracked down Feather Ray ( a stall in Brick Lane Up Market on Sundays, off I went and below are the results. I love, love, love them. More unusual and classier than your average hair extension, available in loads of shades and bright colours too and they stay in for a couple of months, attached in with a silicon-lined micro ring which is hair friendly too. You can also buy from them online and put them in yourself but I didn’t trust my hairdressing skills (non-existent) to do so although now having had them done I would certainly do it myself next time. For £25 you get a choice of 7. I love my new hair. It’s not easy to find a quick, cheap and easy way to update your look so give it a go if you’re at a loss for a beauty fix!



A small selection of feathers!