I’ve made a stupidly cheap and effective discovery

Now forgive me if I’m having a ‘Queen Victoria is Dead’ moment but in all my years I have never heard about this. Instead of reading the Sunday papers, a nice relaxing way to spend Sunday on a Bank Holiday weekend, I decide to try out my own twist on a mask that I read about in a new blog that I’m following called the Glitterguide.

lemonsI didn’t have any oranges but having done a bit of investigation on the net and finding many a variation using lemons ( some also with aspirin but being 27 weeks pregnant I forced myself to omit that!) I did the substitution.

Basically, I added the juice of 1/4 to 1/2 a lemon, a couple of teaspoons on water and enough bicarbonate of soda ( baking powder) to form a paste thick enough to stick on my skin. Once mixed I pasted it on ( avoiding eye area) and left for 25 minutes. My main reason for trying this was that I noticed quite a few new blackheads ( unavoidable in this grimy city) on the sides of my nose during the week, then some more smaller, but normally non-existent ones over my chin this morning.Not may things are very effective on blackheads despite many a product which claims to eliminate.I sometimes use pore strips ( tried a few makes including Biore and Witch but always knowing beforehand that I was never going to pull them off  to reveal a blackhead-free complexion beneath).

I have also tried another more innovative product which I really do like as an al over facial exfoliant as well and a non-harsh one at that and that is Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel .

The results of the bicarbonate of soda mask were really good. At least as good, if not better than specialist blackhead-removing products on the market.  Either the Marvel Gel or the bicarbonate of soda mask does a very good job with the latter costing pennies to make and its active ingredients probably in your larder as we speak. I’m off to forcibly paste the leftovers on Mr Pregnantcitygirl’s face! Give it a go and I’d love to hear your comments. Happy Mask Making Sunday!


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