HealGel Review – A Very Special Guest Post

Let me start by introducing myself. I am not-so-pregnant, little-sister-lawyer-girl. Why, you may ask, am I choosing to make an appearance now? Well, like my older Pregnant City sister, I am always on the hunt for cosmeceuticals that don’t just postulate ridiculous claims and merely leave my pocket lighter and my vanity more intense. No, I want a product that can genuinely make improvements to my very sensitive, often red and flaky (particularly in winter as I suffer from mild rosacea), scar-prone skin, whilst smoothing out the pesky two lines on my forehead which have kindly decided to reveal themselves in the last year or so.

And Boom – it appears I have found such product that seems to do this all rather well: HealGel. It comes in three forms: HealGel Intensive, HealGel Face and HealGel Eyes.

How do they work, you may ask. Well, HealGel Intensive contains silicone, firmly established to be the optimal healing ingredient for scar treatment. This forms a matrix beneath which active ingredients including madecassoside and arnica, packed in a liposomal system, target the deeper layers of the skin where they are needed most. HealGel Intensive contains several powerful peptides to increase collagen production, and decrease fine lines, swelling and puffiness. It also contains anti-inflammatory actives to encourage a clear, healthy looking complexion. I used both the intensive and face in combination, twice a day for 2 months and my sore, rosacea-beaten skin has never been better. For more detailed information on each individual product ingredients, visit their website to see how it works. Thus here ends my brief appearance!