Essentials- Tommee Tippee – Over 50 years old it’s a Brand to trust.

I remember Tommee Tippee. Generations of Tommee Tippee. We all wore the bibs when we were babies and the fact that my son wears one today says a lot for a product. To survive this long in the big bad world. There are names that you trust because your mother trusted them and this is one of those for me. There is something special about using the same brand generation after generation isn’t there? Or is it just that I am getting older and nostalgic for the past? Whichever, it works for me. I am writing this because of a handful of new additions to the family this week. I am very aware that the paraphernalia that comes along with having a baby is limitless. You can acquire stuff on top of stuff on top of more stuff and still find more that you ‘need’. However, not me. I made a conscious decision not to do so. Plus, we can’t afford to, neither money-wise nor space-wise, so I choose carefully.

So, some practical things have landed on my doorstep today and not a minute too soon:
The first is a bath mat. I have held out a long time for this. Bath time- has almost always been Alexander in the bath with me but this has become less and less practical as really he needs to be passed in to me and although I have a husband who is always on hand, he is busy. Secondly, toddler PCG has just started to enjoy bath time less and I think it’s because when I do put him in alone and hold him, he is slipping around like a slimy eel (sorry, Cookie!)! So what about a bathmat that changes colour with temperature of the bath water. Red spots appear on the mat if the water is too hot. Genius. I think a few bath toys will be in order to change Alexander’s mind on this pastime but we are nearly there.
The second is very practical and for me as much as Alexander. It’s the ‘Active Sipper’ cup. Now, he can drink from a cup already. We do have a couple of simple plastic ones but I am finding that when left alone with these we inevitably get some over-exuberance and Alexander and the surrounding area gets covered in water. So, selfishness dictates that we get at least one cup that encourages open cup drinking (I think he’s getting too old to stick with a sippy cup – my opinion only as I know many mothers don’t mind).
The third and fourth products are also mealtime related-the ‘Easy Scoop Feeding Bowl’ and ‘Magic Mat’ and also to encourage clean self-feeding. The bowl sits suctioned on the mat. We have had too many tip-ups for my liking recently! I know that boys are meant to be messy but coupled with ‘control freak mummy’ we need to contain the fallout so there’s my attempt at doing so.
Last but by no means least, and I feel awful that we didn’t have one of these already, is a digital ear thermometer. It is accurate, has a ‘fever alert’ and can be used from birth. Duh! So, a practical post really on four things that you will need and not just to take up valuable space in small London dwellings!