Neotantric Fragrances. Sex in a Bottle?

Although I gave you a sneak peek on Sunday, being ‘Silent Sunday’ meant that I couldn’t really explain. Well it’s Talkative Tuesday today so I’m full of words ( I can feel a sarcastic, jokey comment coming from Mr Pregnantcitygirl there if he were to read this. No chance of that though!).

Being thrifty of late what with my not working and exorbitant school fees to pay in a years time – yes, Alexander is one in five weeks time and yes, he starts school a week after his second birthday!- I’ve let my perfume shelf run a bit dry. Shame on me! It being my fortieth last month sent me on the hunt for a little treat and of course something new. I don’t do mass market (much) . Why would anyone these days when there is such a dearth of choice with part of the fun just going looking?
Anyway, I must be honest, I didn’t have to go far because down the road in Westbourne Grove  at BeautyWorksWest, I stumbled upon my NBF;( New Best Fragrance to those not in the know!) Parampara Peep Show by Neotantric Frangrances . Coming to us direct from Sweden!

Neotantra, I have later found out doing my research, refers to a modern interpretation of tantra, that being ‘techniques for cultivating a more fulfilling sexual or romantic relationship’. I’m in! So, a perfume that smells of sex? Well, I don’t know about that but I do know that  Parampara Peep Show smells divine. If you like musk then this is for you.  This isn’t just any old musk though. This is exotic and spicy with a hint of rosemary. It’s gorgeous and moreish. Parampara, by the way-and I had to look this up-refers to a succession of teachers or disciples in traditional Indian culture and religion.

I’d like to point out that without my knowing I also chose a man’s fragrance. It wasn’t in the slightest bit obvious or manly either. It must be my high testosterone levels! Do not fear, I look as feminine as it gets really but spicing things up and pushing boundaries is definitely my thing. That said when I get my hands on a ladies fragrance in the range I’ll let you know.