Which Hairdryer? The Chromatix Dynamica 3400 Pro of Course!

After nearly a decade of heavy use, my trusty Babyliss (it’s so old, the name of the model has worn away) dryer started to give up the ghost by emitting an ominous burning smell, so I felt it was time to find a worthy replacement. Dryer technology has come a long way in the last 10 years and terms like ‘ceramic’ and ‘ionic’ festoon the specifications. But what does it all mean? Well, I knew wanted something that was light, powerful (to reduce drying time), would minimise frizz (essential when – as I do – you have curly Semitic antecedents) and ideally neon. I’m an 80s child through and through and have a penchant for anything fluoro-hued.


So with some assistance from my hairdresser and favourite search engine, I found what I was looking for in the Chromatix Dynamica 3400 Pro by Diva. Diva is a British family owned company based in London. All their products are designed and built here in the UK and they are the largest brand in salon wholesalers. The Diva range of hairdryers is extremely light, robust and come in a range of candy and neon colours to satisfy fluoro fanatics. They test all their dryers for over 1000 hours so I was convinced that this one would likely be as durable as my old Babyliss. The Rapida is powered at 2000 watts and provides heat of up to 110°C. It also blows out up to 110 cubic metres of air per hour – which translates into much faster drying. Particularly handy with longer hair. The dryer also features an ionic conditioning generator which is teamed with a ceramic and tourmaline grille – which further reduces drying time whilst also decreasing static. It also has a cold shot button – which is great, as it closes the hair shaft once you’ve finished blow drying, meaning your hair looks smoother and shinier.

I have to say I am impressed. The dryer does exactly what it says on the tin: It really does dry in super quick time and leave your hair with a glossy sheen. My usual 15 minutes blow dry (I have a chin length layered bob in case you’re wondering) has been cut down to 10, and when I want to do a ‘proper’ blowdry (for me that means actually pinning each section of my hair up and attempting a smooth looking bob) the extra drying time doesn’t result in a bicep fatigue because it is ultra-light. What is particularly handy is the 3m long cord, so if your plug isn’t next to a mirror you no longer need to use guess if your hair is even at the back. It also comes with 3 different sized nozzles which is great for precision styling and for different lengths/thickness of hair. And all of this for the un-princely sum of £49.99 So, if you want a happy-hued, professional hair dryer that is as light on your pocket as it is on your arm, then the very un-Diva-ish Chromatix Dynamica 3400 Pro is your best bet.
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