Garnier BB Cream Review – Is it the Miracle Skin Perfector they say it is? An honest opinion!

Garnier B.B. Cream Miracle Skin Perfector MediumSo here’s the promised review of the new Garnier Miracle  Skin Perfector, BB Cream, (Blemish Balm) that I bought on Friday (Superdrug £9.99, last time I looked Boots was still waiting for stock).

Well, I was very excited as I’d read a feature in Grazia Magazine on BB creams saying that they are the big thing in Asia and that they are here now in the UK for us luckies to get our hands on! BB cream is like having 5 separate creams in one. It addresses more than one skin problem in one go. In fact Garnier’s claims to brighten/illuminate,  even out skintone, minimize wrinkles , hydrate and all with an added SPF (15) bonus.
Now,there are other alternatives, none of which I have tried because Garnier’s was by far the cheapest and I thought I’d give it the benefit of the doubt first. Mac, Clinique and Dior have also jumped on the all in one wonder cream bandwagon, all with pricier options. Had I been one for foundation (never ever, ever wear it as I feel like it clogs my skin and looks false)  or for tinted moisturizer (same reason as foundation  but to a lesser extent – yes I still have a full tube of Laura Mercier in my bathroom cabinet; the one that everyone raves about and it looks and feels chalky and unnatural to me) I would have gone for a more expensive option from the start. However, I like a bargain and I’m facing the next year at least without my significant salary as the family breadwinner, so I went for the cheapest option . It comes in two colours ; light and dark. I’m very, very fair (a general hinderance in finding suitable tinted creams) so went for the light option, hoping that it would match.
When I brought it home I tried some on the back of my hand. I was impressed. Now please understand, I’m a born salesperson which means that I am easy to sell to. I desperately wanted this to be the miracle that it purports to be. I believe what I am told but I’m not stupid so if it doesn’t live up, I’m over it already! Also, please bear in mind that I do not have problem skin, I do not have a lot that I need to ‘cover up’, (apart from the odd enormous hormonal breakout whilst pregnant) if anything my skin is normal to dry. The consistency was good, nice even. It went on smoothly and blended well. My skin also felt quite soft afterwards. Saturday night I did the real test and wore it out of the house on my face. It looked natural. I liked it and tried it again sunday in the daylight. It didn’t feel like foundation, neither heavy nor overly tinted so it blended nicely and gave a nice even glow to my skin. As for the wrinkle reduction; I am not convinced yet. It didn’t visibly do much for them at all as far as I could tell but I’m giving it  the benefit of the doubt for now because I do actually like it otherwise. Also, I would add that it verges (but only verges) on highlighting open pores which I believe a lot if make-up can. Again it’s getting the benefit of the doubt for the same reason as before. Overall, so far a tentative thumbs up. That’s pretty good going for me as a normally naked- faced tester who can’t stand the feeling of anything other than a good moisturizer on her skin! Its worth giving it a go.