If I tell you that I have found a cookbook full of sweet treats that are also good for the waistline….

would you believe me? Well, I have. Actually, credit where credit is due, or in fact no credit where no credit is due; I didn’t find it, it found me via The Baby Website ( www.thebabywebsite.com) another all-encompassing site for babies/family. I haven’t used it much so I can’t really say how good it is but from what I have seen it contains a lot ( and I mean a lot) of useful info.

Anyway, they sent me a book to review. I like reading (when I can fit it in between my Desperate Housewives and America’s Next Top Model – you see the intellectual coming out in me don’t you!-) but cooking is another matter. I can cook, of course anyone can cook if you follow a recipe properly, however despite me trying to kid myself of late that I actually am NW London’s answer to Martha Stewart, I really do not have the patience for it. You know what that leads to don’t you? Most things get cooked at higher temperatures in order for them to cook faster! And you know where that leads I assume? Burnt food, mostly!  So, I’ve been given a cookbook to review. The only upside for me is that I love eating, during this pregnancy especially, sweet foods and I like a gimmick or not as the case may be. ‘Cakes from the Tooth Fairy’, the book in question,replaces sugar with xylitol and includes along the way handy hints for tooth care (for kids mostly but regrettably, here in the UK, I would imagine, many an adult could do with the dental hygiene lessons). For the diabetics and the carb-haters among you, I swear by the low carb diet of course it really works, it has science to back it up, the xylitol is a sweet way of keeping blood sugar lower so it’s a cheat really!

So, I tore myself off the bed (this pregnancy is turning me into a clean living Tracey Emin) and into the kitchen with my 9-year-old niece. The result of which is below;


As far as cooking goes this was a success. You would have had a photo but the content got eaten before I thought about that! On a serious note, it’s a fun way of addressing an important subject with kids.