The Next Big Name in Aesthetic Skincare – Una Jefford

When your clients move to Switzerland but still return for treatments having tried elsewhere first, then you know you are doing something very right. Una Jefford started out in complementary medicine, graduated with a 1st class honours degree in nursing and holds a distinction in her MSc in Clinical Dermatology. She began specialising in surgical procedures and clinical dermatology in hospital and is a clinical prescriber too. This lady has a true passion for what she does, with a thesis entitled ‘Does Cosmetic Surgery improve Psychological Conditions?’ under her belt, you can be safe in the knowledge that she is an expert in her field, she does her research, she can tell you what products she uses over others and most importantly she stays abreast of developments in her field, never relying on outdated information or practices. Her motto is ‘learning never stops’.

Una was recommended to me by a close friend. With her fair share of celebrity clientele and even some TV work under her belt, it’s only now that she’s really trying to work on her own business, rather than letting other clinics take the glory.

With clinics in E. London, Essex and in London’s prestigious Mayfair there is nothing about skin that Una doesn’t know, which means getting an appointment isn’t easy but it’s worth the wait! With botox and fillers becoming as common as wearing make-up, a startling phenomenon has reared it’s ugly head; unexperienced people taking 1 or 2 day courses now flood the market with their ‘clinics’. One false move, cheap product or slip of the hand can lead to real tragedy. Young girls are flocking in their droves for the same puffy lips and waxy foreheads. It saddens me greatly to see what the norms are becoming for the very young. Una continues her clinical surgical work in hospitals alongside her aesthetic work, so you couldn’t be in safer hands. She also has a brilliant bedside manner. She’s patient and kind and loves what she does.

With a crushingly stressful year on my hands, I felt closer to 400 than 40! Looking after my my external appearance had taken a back seat to 7+ exams and homework. I desperately needed a pick me up.

Una is a true skin expert. Her consultation revealed vascular weakness on my cheeks and around my nose presenting in the form of redness. She recommended IPL and light peeling, I wanted a quick fix. I needed to feel good as soon as possible.

So, putting the longer term issues on the back burner, I cajoled Una into some botox and filler. A few less wrinkles and a little more volume. Ageing is a cruel process. I’m skinny (something that I should be happy about I hear most say!) which means that so is my face. Una also recommended mini threads. Similar to a single long stitch under the skin that dissolve but stimulate collagen production as they do so. Through a single point on my cheekbone she inserts a tiny canular as then two threads on either side. The threads have small cones on them, a little like umbrellas that open when the thread is pulled upwards towards the ear, once in place. This provides a lift to the skin. They are pushed under the skin towards the mouth, then pulled back. Some practitioners inject local anaesthetic beforehand – I’ve been a guinea pig before and it was done that way then, however Una knows her stuff and uses a very strong numbing cream instead. I’ve used these before and was skeptical but Una’s expertise won out and the numbing cream did the job fantastically. Almost nobody I know uses anything but Emla cream and as Una rightly pointed out, it doesn’t work!

Forty-five minutes later, no pain at all for the filler or botox but a little discomfort for the threads but really only the tiniest bit, I felt like a new me. Younger and fresher. The lift very noticeable at first ( looks good but it softens as your skin settles back with gravity). No bruising whatsoever and the filler looked totally natural. Una doesn’t do overdone. She isn’t in the market for this very worrying trend of pumping faces full of filler to completely change a look. She is passionate about skin, and skin health, anti-ageing and being the best you.

Her latest project is running a FREE national campaign launching soon it aims to be fun, informative and positive. Likely to be seen on TV screens soon, keep your eyes peeled. In the meantime book your consultation with her here at