11.36 and all is not well.

11.37 now. I’m at work. I’m bored. It’s late for me as I’d usually be on my way out the door by now after my token daily office visit. Today is different. I have an interview for a job I don’t want at 5.30. I don’t remember the last time I had to be in the City at 5.30. Let alone to so something that really is a waste of time. However, I still need to look keen and professional (hence no cancelling at the last minute for me). I can’t bring myself to turn down a job opportunity just yet, even though I am supposed to be comfortable in my decision to quit the City as and when this redundancy finally happens. In the meantime, I am sitting tight, still getting paid so can’t complain.

It’s week 11 now. I can’t believe one week until I’m through my first trimester!! I still can’t believe I’m even pregnant. I don’t feel pregnant, I haven’t had morning sickness and its too early to feel the baby moving ( from 15 weeks apparently) so I have to satisfy my weakening by yummy mummy overload with pushchair maternal instinct with unbelievably detailed 3d scans (the last one last week was incredible; we saw the baby moving it’s arms and legs madly).

Anyway, it’s still too early to tell people the good news, although the doctor says now less than one percent chance of miscarriage, so instead I’ve started researching pushchairs and cots and lo and behold, I want only the most expensive, best designed of the lot. Stokke. If you want the best in every way ( and please correct me if I’m wrong) it needs to be from this particular Norwegian company. There is of course a downside to this and it’s £600 pounds for a cot that, fair enough, transforms into a small bed so can be used for a very long time and around the same for a pushchair with carry cot. The design is outstanding and I’m already all over EBay trying to nab a bargain. The Norwegians have a thing for design and function.

Other than that ( I’m getting bored of typing on my iPhone – can’t trust work not to snoop) the stretch mark cream from Spain hasn’t arrived yet so more on that as and when. I’m off to kill some time doing god knows what. It’s 12.46.