Desperate Housewife part 2 episode 1!

Isn’t it amazing how quickly a mood can change. It also helps that the sun is shining (god, I’m starting to sound like my grandma!) and that my best friend came over with her two kids to run through the sprinkler; that good old-fashioned garden-based simple, free(ish)activity! So, I’m feeling better. I also made carrot and coriander soup. Possibly the easiest soup to make known to man. Feeling poverty-stricken, (as I am and as I moaned about earlier) the fact that I made use of the wilted, slimy, coriander and the softening, slowly-dying carrots rather than chucking them to make a hearty, wholesome soup ( that was said tongue in cheek by the way) has made me feel just a bit holier-than-thou. The day has flown by. I just don’t get it. When I was working from 6.30am every day on the trading floor there would be hours that passed more slowly than a redundant trader’s day of leisure at home. Never happy. Oh well, maybe the mood doesn’t change that quickly after all! Anyone have a good seabass recipe? I have fillets defrosting as we speak. Oh joy!