Recycle Old DVD’s, CD’s & Clothes for Cash – It’s a Win Win Right?

This is another post inadvertently about money. I’m beginning to sound like a broken record. I’ll try to post about daisies and cuddly toys and marshmallows from now on. Some less practical things. But, whilst I’m here, today’s post is about decluttering, recycling and earning a bit of cash in the meantime.

Now, some things that are worth money now like my whole record  collection went in a car boot sale probably nearly 25 years ago. All the Depeche Mode 12 inches, the singles, the albums; I had every one. Stupidly, or I suppose as every 17 year old might do, having no foresight, I sold them all for pittance. My veritable collection of indie music. I was into the Cure, Simple Minds, Cabaret Voltaire, Talk Talk, Nik Kershaw et al. You can see I was a child of the 80’s. Plus, car booting (is there such a verb?) is addictive. My parents were lucky that I didn’t sell the house out from under them. My first boyfriend’s mother gave me a Celine jacket and I’m admitting here and now for the first time, in black and white that it too went for £5 to someone who probably had no idea of its true value. We didn’t have vintage, we just had second-hand and second-hand was not for middle class girls (except for the Levis 501’s of course that my mother absolutely hated!).

So here I find myself writing about recycling old dvd’s, old clothes and dare I say it, for ease and practicality, as I could get rid of all my unwanted clutter in one go, I even managed to sell my iphone; my old one that wasn’t in great condition; I’ve been angling for an upgrade for ages. I’m owed one, I’m sure. So, I bit the bullet, got together a load of old stuff and earned some money in the process. recycling isn’t such a hassle after all!