Shock! Horror!

Don’t all fall off your seats at once. Yes, this really is me back with a premature (excuse the pun) post!
It’s the work thing or lack thereof. I did say I’d explain last time so here goes, career update:
I was called to a meeting with HR on Tuesday to discuss the option of taking the redundancy offer further. Ie progressing a letter which was first sent to me in January warning me of the possible redundancy of my position – clever of them really given that they had actually made it redundant before my team had even joined by withdrawing the investment promised to us to start our equity desk on our first day!
So, after almost five months of nothingness, happily sat through quietly by me, (who wouldn’t on full pay, no boss to watch over you and going through the trauma of IVF?) and after two previously delayed meetings to pursue other internal possibilities, the official process has begun again. We have one more ‘opportunity’ to check out (one from our Paris office where a colleague is potentially setting up a desk he’d like me to join – never going to happen in my opinion but if HR can wait for him to let then know if it’s going to go ahead probably – another month of getting paid-then who am I to complain? The reality is that I can’t really accept a job anyway because their maternity benefit generously extends to statutory!! In such a male dominated firm you would expect more, especially because they would hardly ever have to pay out, but such is the nature if the beast.
So, I’m hanging on as long as possible. They don’t know I’m pregnant and until the redundancy is confirmed I won’t be telling them or, knowing them, they will try to find some way to avoid the redundancy given maternity leave would be cheaper for them.
I have a meeting with HR next week but in the meantime I have time on my hands. You know what that means?I’m bored!  More scans! I’m now sitting in the walk-in clinic at UCLH having had a few pains after my yoga stretching and not being able to wait until my Mondays scan appointment I’ve come here. Amazingly there is no queue and I’ve been called in twice but I’m waiting for my husband, let’s call him B from now on, so that he can see the scan too. Ridiculous, the NHS is waiting for me!
Scan update; all is well. Baby is bouncing around like mad and measures 58mm. A morning well spent. Plus, I had some blood tests to get done from my midwife so up the stairs I went and walked straight in. Empty clinic again. I’m starting to like the NHS!