You heard it here first…..

Forget body brushing or at least forget body brushing alone (yes I still believe it helps with overall well-being and keeps my cellulite at bay but I need more!). I’m ballooning and it scary. Still not down to the foetus growing at lightening speed inside me (lime-sized apparently, now that I’m in week ten), but those bloody steroids. Trofolastin is going to be my miracle cure. One can but hope. It’s semi-researched,ordered (sold in Spain, made by Novartis, that well reputed Swiss pharma company and has had good results in some small trials in Germany) and winging its way over from a pharmacy in Mallorca as you read this. I’m sold, at least for now. It’s the best there seem to be out there at the moment. Everything else available to us pregnant expanding creatures makes miracle claims, has loads of cash thrown at marketing but doesn’t seem to come up with the goods. Plus, even if you read independent reviews ( if you can actually find any), they are impossible to rely upon because the woman who used Clarins body oil and claims to have no stretch marks after pregnancy may never have developed them even if she’d slathered Hellmann’s mayonnaise on daily instead of the oil costing twenty times the price. Anyway, of course I’ll let you know how it goes.

That said, I really can’t be bothered to write anything that I feel is remotely interesting. So, instead I’ll just tell you that I spent the morning 1) taking a ‘brisk’ walk to take back some crap to Primark – a new pastime for me as in before I started worrying about money, back when the tradingfloor was my life for the forseeable future and beyond,  a four pound top that didn’t fit would just go in the bin and 2) clearing everything out from under our huge bed ready for the a new carpet to be fitted tomorrow. It’s amazing how many hotel slippers and complimentary toiletries I have hoarded, most (of the toiletries, of course) out of date but I still didn’t have the heart To throw them away so I dusted and replaced them in the annoying little underbed storage boxes we have that only just fit under the bed at a big pregnant push.

By the way, I would love to hear any personal experiences and recommendations for stretch mark creams, oils please. You never know what you could be missing!