The Flying Bath at The Little Angel Theatre

Looking for some good clean fun and bath time adventures, then get yourself down to Islington to the Little Angel Theatre to see The Flying Bath. A Julia Donaldson and David Robert’s delight, that sees bath toys saving the day, once their family has left the house.

Frog, turtle and duck are the Bath Squad. Kicking off in haze of magical rainbow bubbles, the audience follows them on their flying bath as they attend to water emergencies. From cleaning the ‘dirty pig’ to perking up a thirsty kangaroo, running riot in their bathroom and letting their imagination run wild, Phoebe Hyder and Elliot Pritchard play two mischievous children having lots of fun at bath time.

Although recommended for ages 2-5, we went en famille- a good production always offers something for everyone and the Angel Theatre never disappoints. Turning everyday objects in integral parts of the story, from super-sticky honey towels to toilet brush trees, everything comes to life.

Adapted and directed by Samantha Lane, with music by Dominic Sales, this production is fun, warm and amusing. 45 minutes of mischief and imagination, so simple yet so effective.