Who would’ve thought…

Who would’ve thought, this time last year, for example, that I’d be sitting here, nearly 16 weeks pregnant today? 25 weeks to go! I’m ill. Have been for the last 5 days. It started off as lunch for 14 ( 6 of whom were toddlers-not my scene) at Pizza Express on the Birthday BBQ Sunday. Yes, I got my wish (a bit strong but still), the weather was miserable so the BBQ for 40 had to be called off and a more civilized Birthday Lunch for 4 at Caprice attended on the day (Bank Holiday monday) instead – I’d like to point out that they have put their prices up too, how very dare they!! Anyway, the shock of the Pizza Experience (my best friend had offered to bring a camera to take a picture of my face during the experience) coupled together with having friends to stay who were all to a smaller or larger extent cold-ridden have left poor pregnant one suffering with no respite from any medicine. Not even paracetamol. My GP assured me that i could take it, I know it’s deemed safe, however a few Danish studies ( they are always Scandinavian !) link paracetamol to undescended testicles ( http://www.thebabywebsite.com/article.2418.Is_Paracetamol_Safe_in_Pregnancy.htm)  Even our local pharmacist ,who we know well, recommended not taking paracetamol ‘ because I care, don’t take anything’. So with the intention of being a superb mother, I am playing the martyr!

So, I’m home, ill. Bored and tired too. This sleeping on your side thing is starting to become a pain. Even though I tend to sleep on my side anyway, the fact that it is imperative from here on in makes it tedious. I’m also suffering the usual pregnancy blocked nasal passage thing. Another small niggle that isn’t conducive to sleep. And, of course, I have moaning sickness. Not ‘morning’ but ‘moaning’. It’s fairly easy to spot isn’t it?!

The only two outings B and myself have been on during sickness week have been 1) to Mothercare for bras (don’t buy there, I hear, lucky I didn’t) and 2) to John Lewis and Harrods to look at prams (Icandy, Bugaboo and the front-runner by far if it can squeeze into the 1970’s classic car boot; the Stokke). Oh, we also had a very mediocre lunch at Marco Pierre White’s Belvedere in Holland Park (never go on a Sunday, the very good value Sunday lunch at £27 for 3 courses is uninspiring, bordering on monotonous with conveyor belt service).

Later on this week I’ll go into detail on consumer goods. By the way, my stretch marks seem to be fading as i seem to be expanding.