Sunglasses Sunglasses for the Turkish Sunshine! Ray-Ban at Sunglasses Shop

When it comes to eyes in the sunshine, I take no chances. Cheap imitations are all very well but you only get one pair of eyes and protecting them is key. People are too quick to buy any old plastic because it looks goods . I’d sooner but a fake watch than fake sunglasses. No harm done if it breaks.

Too much exposure to UV rays is a serious matter. It can cause cataracts, macular degeneration (damage to the retina that destroys central vision) and pterygium – tissue growth over the white part of the eye.

So, with this in mind, I’m careful what I put on the kids and adults alike. We are off to Turkey. Booked through Simpsons Travel to Kalkan on the Dalmatian coast – a place I’ve been before pre-kids but now staying at a family friendly luxury hotel, Korsan Suites. Cloudless skies call for sunglasses!

I found the Sunglasses Shop online. A vast array of styles and brands, they really have it all. Next day delivery for orders over £80 and free returns if you find your choice wasn’t what you really wanted. What could be easier than that?

I decided on Ray-Bans for the whole family. A brand synonymous with sunglasses they offer sizes that fit from age 2 to (over!) age 42! Their Aviators suit absolutely everyone and have become the ultimate in classic cool.

For the kids, I tried to find them similar styles which was pretty easy given their ages. I wanted something simple, not precocious and made of a sturdy material. The Ray-Ban Junior range has tonnes of choice. A pair of 9062’s in red for my nearly 6 year old…


… and 9052’s in black for my nearly 2 year old!


Very cute, great fit and of course the best quality and protection on the market.

In terms of choices for the adults, I didn’t realise that there were in fact so many models. We set aside an evening without the kids and went about trying styles on. Perhaps an excuse to get away but also I left it late to return styles that I didn’t like had I just chosen online. I fell in love with a pair of Ray-Ban 3429M Sunglasses. A Signet frame originally from 1953 and one of the most iconic Ray-Ban styles ever produced. These have torn me away from my aviators, possibly for ever!


Mr PCG also managed to find a style that also suited him as well as his go-to Aviators; The Ray-Ban 8313 Sunglasses. Similar to the Aviator but updated for the 21st century they are made with 7 layers of carbon fibre (for the technical geeks out there!) which means that they can withstand being grabbed constantly by little children!

Lenses are key too: – UV400 polycarbonate and they are polarised to stop glare. 2 year warranty comes as standard and as I mentioned previously, returns are free at Sunglasses Shop so you can take your time finding your style. They really do have something for everyone!