Looking After Your Teeth Like The Americans Do – Philips Sonicare!

Every so often I must post a piece on something a little banal. It’s not banal however, to have a sparking smile or conversely to have a mouth half full of yellow or grey teeth. This is almost as much a beauty post as a health one and believe you me, I’m sure I wouldn’t look after my teeth as well as I do If I weren’t just that little bit vain!

That said, I come from a family who takes oral hygiene very seriously. My brother, my sister and I all had orthodontic work and braces and visited the dentist regularly as children. I continued that into adulthood and pass it on to my now three-year-old who visits the dentist every six months. I have no fillings and great teeth (if I may say so myself!) and that is no coincidence.

So, to the world of toothbrushes. I have just discovered the Philips Sonicare range: the DiamondClean for Mr PCG and I and the Sonicare for Kids for Alexander.

Our brush is amazing. It comes with a glass that you just put the brush into and it miraculously charges! Apart from the gimmick though, the sonic technology means that the brush delivers more strokes in a minute than a manual brush in a month. I cannot understand anyone who still has a manual toothbrush. Teeth feel like you have just been to the hygienist after every brush. It has five modes including gum health and whitening and just does a professional job that you won’t believe.

As for  the kid’s brush, it offers everything you need to start of a child with good teeth cleaning habits. It cones with an inbuilt timer with fun sounds for each quarter of the mouth, a rubberised head for comfort and the all important eight stickers to keep them really happy. A no-brainer.


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