By Terry – Éclat Opulent – Photoshop in a Jar – Yes, Really!

I’m always after that miracle cream. I have fair, dry to sensitive skin which in my youth was nigh-on-perfect but as I’ve aged has suffered with the odd spot that has left me with some small red marks and not-so-even tone. That said, I can’t complain; I still get compliments on my complexion.

With that in mind, I’ve never worn foundation or much make-up for that matter; it makes me feel like my face is  ‘dirty’ and I also hate the feeling of having something ‘on’ my skin.

When I saw this product, I just had to try it. I love By Terry – products are always multi-functional and focus on making skin look the best it can.

I was nervous at first as Éclat Opulent  is marketed as a foundation, supposedly a treatment foundation- it moisturises and is packed full with fourteen ageing ingredients – guaranteed to fill lines and give instant lift and radiance.

It comes in three shades, again a worry at first as I’m so fair, but it truly does adapt to your skin. I put on a very light moisturiser underneath then used it very sparingly to create a truly flawless finish. The consistency is like velvet and it’s very light so it blends and sinks in amazingly well without you having any of the usual worries about blending around the hairline or jawline. It feels as if you are not wearing any make-up and that, I love. I didn’t even need concealer with this.

It is pricey but worth every penny and a little goes a very long way. Worryingly, going against my ‘no make-up’ ethos, I think that this is going to become my new staple. Looking flawless, feeling fresh and combatting wrinkles in one fell swoop is just too tempting to turn down! Available also at Space NK for £105.

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