Box Upon a Time I received a Package…


…and it was in a lovely box, felt quite substantial in weight and invited me to open it! There inside I found three gorgeous items of clothing. Picked out for me (or more precisely Alexander) by a stylist according to my taste and preferences from colour and style choices to pattern preferences to overall looks that interest me. A simple online process filing in details of what styles you like and don’t like, weight, height and sex and a you are set to go.

Box Upon a Time is a new venture set up by some clever people who have spotted a gap in the market. You register and then they source, choose and deliver a customised selection of baby and toddler clothes to your door every month.

Everyone wants designer clothes, independent labels, that’s a given, everyone also wants to buy them at up to 60% off but what about busy mothers who want style but haven’t the time to co-ordinate their own wardrobe let alone that of their children?! This is where Box Upon a Time comes in. You pay your chosen subscription or if you’re generous you gift it to someone very lucky who you really like and you/they sit back, relax and receive stylish additions to your toddlers wardrobe at knock-down prices.

Offering discounts on brands like Tartine et Chocolat, Diesel and Shampoodle, it’s a no-brainer for busy parents. They cover from newborn to age 3 so if you subscribe, the box grows with you and your child. Subscriptions are really flexible so you can suspend or re-activate at any time too.