Fourteen of the Best – A/W Capsule Wardrobe for Toddlers

So I’ve already posted on my top Independent label picks for A/W- the more expensive, hand-me-down pieces that are built to last. If you can stretch the budget, good for you. However, before going out to spend a fortune and if you can’t spend a fortune then your little one won’t lose out this A/W by any stretch of the imagination. I do have my favourites, who doesn’t? I like to champion stores or brands that might not be the first port of call. Mothercare is one of those. It’s reputation is getting better but it is nowhere near what it should be given their offering. Exceptional value for money first and foremost- but perhaps that is the least unexpected, quality and massive choice from the cool and trendy to the more traditional- Mothercare has no less than 15 different collections ( style wise and a budget one) for the 2 year old. Having been lucky enough to preview the A/W I knew that there were so pieces that I really wanted for myself let alone for toddler Pregnantcitygirl. Once online and shopping it was hard to keep myself to 15 pieces as some of the cute long-sleeved t’s come in packs of 3, so to make it easy on myself  I’m going to count sets as 1 pick; cost wise you wouldn’t notice either. It’s just even better value! There are some noticeable colours this season too. Maroon being one and a colour that I am fond of. Navy and grey too, gorgeous autumnal colours. But don’t think dowdy because if you have something dark then be assured that you will get the added playful print/ pattern or picture that lifts it above and beyond the ordinary.


1) My first pick, as per usual is pyjamas. These come in a handy pack of two, they are bright and cute and most importantly have stretchy cuffs on the arms and legs ( to stop them riding up in bed- a pet hate of mine!). They are also 100% cotton.


2) Moving on, I chose two full ‘outfits’. Outfits aren’t really my thing as sometimes I feel that they can look a bit ‘cheap and nasty’. However, not either of these and actually, each works as a great separate too. I chose this for the jumper. I like the classic, cosy, cable-knit look.  The jeans have proven to be a big hit, rolled up as in the picture, with any of the tops that are coming later.


3) Here is the second outfit. Again, a simple, yet cute 3 piece. The cardigan again caught my eye but the chinos are great paired with any of the tops coming later down the list.


4) The first of the tops is a pack of three. All cotton, all great value and all mix and match with absolutely everything else on my list. I have always liked the look of a long-sleeved t-shirt under a short sleeved one and here you get a simple block colour, the stripes and the cool rockstar print.


5) This is one of those ‘I wish they had it in my size’ purchases. Very ‘on trend!’  and looks gorgeous with these grey skinny jeans below.


6) Not an immediate ‘love. love, love’ as I thought they might have been a bit girly but we embraced our inner rockstar, became more open-minded and are all the better for it! mo9   7) This hamster t-shirt is another favourite. It goes well with the skinny jeans or of course either of the blue ones too.


8) No self-respecting boy should be without a cardigan this A/W 13. My pick of the pack is this jersey-lined Fairisle knitted one with mock horn buttons. It’s chunky and cosy, practical easy to wash too!

mot9) I have to admit that this is my absolute favourite piece of all and I really, really wanted one in my size the minute I saw it at the press launch. It’s just a long-sleeved t but how cool is the trompe l’oeil detail? This is from the Baby Rock collection – definitely one to take a look at  (there is a jacket similar to this that I would have snapped up for a girl!).

mo2mo10 & 11) Here we have two easy to wear, easy to match long-sleeved t-shirts. Simple, yet practical. The quality is of course great, so washing and drying over and over again is not a problem. The colours tie in well with my other choices.

mo512) It’s always nice to have a shirt or two for ‘special occasions’! This check herringbone works well over a t-shirt or on it’s own with jeans, It is also 100% cotton. I love the pocket details and the curved him.

mo113) This is another one that I would steal for my wardrobe- I love khaki. It also looks good with fair hair! Part of the Boho Kid range, this quilted sweatshirt is bang on trend.

mo1414) Last but by no means least are these chino-style jeans with braces. Again perfect for A/W 13 and for any trendy wardrobe. Of course they will go with virtually anything.