A Toddler’s Capsule Wardrobe S/S 2013 – Made Easy!

‘All change please!’. A phrase that once I was accustomed to hearing at Tube stations in a previous life in the City. Now, it means many different things but most relevant to today is the need for a totally new wardrobe for a toddler. They don’t need excuses ‘ it’s gone out of fashion’, ‘it shrunk in the wash’, ‘it’s so worn out, I look like a tramp’. No, the toddler has the ultimate excuse; it doesn’t fit me anymore! Nuff said!
It’s funny because I’m great at shopping for myself, I think that I have a great sense of style (!) and automatically seem to know what goes with what when it comes to my own clothes but give me an 18 month old little boy and I seem to lose any sense of that altogether.

So, with that in mind, spring sort of upon us, I decided that my best bet was to find a capsule wardrobe. Get someone else to do all the work for me. I think it’s every woman’s dream to be able to swan in and buy up a whole collection! Unfortunately, unless you happen to be married to an oligarch, then that’s just a distant dream! Well, not with a toddler it isn’t. I think it’s a stroke of genius actually. I decided to find a capsule wardrobe then buy a few well-chosen special pieces to feature alongside. That way, I can’t mess up with things not going together, plus I save time.
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So, a bit of market research later and Alexander is in possession of his new S/S2013 collection courtesy of Little Bird and “Inspired by Jools'(Oliver’s) own childhood memories of growing up in the Seventies, this boutique collection is not about short-lived trends, but an eclectic mix of iconic, timeless pieces, that every child between six months to five years will want to wear’. An entire wardrobe with shorts, tees, long tees, jumpers, shirts and trousers that will last him well into the Autumn if not longer if perhaps we get a late summer and all for less than £150. I haven’t mentioned where I got then from yet but you have probably guessed- Mothercare. They do it so well it would be rude not to!
If you read my blog you will know that I am a big fan of Mothercare; their offering is amazing and their value even better. Thankfully they decided to make my life a lot easier by designing a collection that works with everything. Gorgeous summery colours perfect for kids, not too grown up, just letting children be children; something that’s close to my heart- I don’t like precocious. The collection comes in candy-bar colours and all the pieces mix and match; a godsend for me and for every other mum because once something is dirty you still have the rest of the wardrobe to choose from to match with the only pair of trousers that are still clean!

It’s a no-brainer for me and take a look, you will probably think the same. A capsule wardrobe for a toddler needs to tick a lot of boxes and Little Bird ticks every one and more. Mothercare, you are a lifesaver once again!

Stay tuned for my next post as I go through my carefully picked additions to the capsule wardrobe. I look at extras such as cool wellies, luxurious separates and a spring/summer coat….