Toys, Toys, Toys – The Ones to WOW over!

01018_001 Every so often as a mother of the just the one perfect* little boy, there comes a time when I feel that my little one is deprived.  It’s to do with the fact that he is deprived, of course. He doesn’t have enough toys! I have been very careful with what I have bought him from day one. He isn’t spoilt; he doesn’t have a bedroom (or any other room in the house) rammed full of useless toys. Had I still worked in the City, he probably would have had enough to start his own toy shop. We would have had the money and I wouldn’t have had the time to spend with him, so would have spent on him. You know how it goes. Anyway, I do have the time but less so the money, so purchases are considered ones.

* in my eyes!

You get to certain stages as the baby grows up and becomes a toddler and you turn your back for what feels like one minute and 10185_001twenty two months has gone by. All grown up! With growing up comes development and for each stage of development comes a new set of things to spark the imagination and to develop all the skills that little ones are starting to learn. So, toys are important. We have a brilliant play kitchen, we have some bilingual toys and of course we have the crayons and paints but as toddler PCG hit the twenty one month mark, his ‘toys’ from when he was six months old and younger were starting to lose their value and his interest and I was beginning to feel like he was being deprived! So, in search of the next stage toys I went and at Lollibop 2013, the Festival for little ones, we found a stall filled with children playing with the most wonderful toys. There, we spent the majority of our afternoon as Alexander and two of his friends all played happily with an amazing and imaginative selection of the best toys I can think of for his age group.

10141_001WOW toys really are special. They don’t need batteries and they are hard-wearing. The quality is second to none. Designed with special features, little doors or windows that open into a little world beyond, mix and match trailers; they are designed to work together and to fuel the imagination, making noises, using friction motors, enough to keep little ones interested in different aspects as the grow and learn. The little animals and people fit into all the toys to help children create an imaginary world through real life and fantasy role play.  Each creation has so many little details and it’s no surprise that the brand is multi-award-winning.

The company, started by a passionate designer in 1997, is an independent British company and despite populating a world of big brands, caught the attention of 10320_001retailers and has gone from strength to strength. I am so happy for them because their toys really do bring happiness. For me to enjoy setting out ‘Casey Camper Van’ and the picnic table with the dog and the horse beside it, or to play with ‘Flip ‘n’ Tip Fred’ the rubbish truck with recycling bins, really is testament to the brand. They are moreish too. So many wonderful options; a Safari range, a Holiday range, a Fantasy range, an Emergency range featuring Fire Rescue Rory, Sammy Sea Patrol and a Farm range too with Harvey Harvester (the one I secretly covet the most) to name but a few. Take a look for yourself – even the website is lovely! Keep on designing guys, you have some dedicated fans!