This Autumn, Give it a Bit of Welly!


‘The Wellington boot is a type of boot based upon leather Hessian boots. They were worn and popularised by Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington. This novel “Wellington” boot became a staple of hunting and outdoor wear for the British aristocracy in the early 19th century.’

First worn by soldiers, by the 1840’s  they had become fashionable in the best circles and graced the feet of dandies.

‘Wellington boots are also known as rubber bootswellieswellingtonstopbootsbilly bootsgumbootsgumbiesgummiesrain boots, and Alaskan Sneakers.’wellington-boot




Although wellington boots were originally made of leather, in 1852 Charles Goodyear had just invented the process of vulcanisation of natural rubber. A US industrialist of British origin, Hiram Hutchinson, bought the patent for footwear and moved to France to start up a company making boots – A L’Aigle – to the Eagle (to honour his country).In a country where 95% of the population farmed in wooden clogs, the invention of rubber boots to keep feet dry was a resounding success! That company is still going strong to this day as ‘Aigle’.

The first World War brought about another infamous wellington boot brand-Hunter. Then known as The North British Rubber Company, they were commissioned by the British government to make boots suitable for the trenches. And so they did.


A bit of  history for you and what an interesting past for the humble welly! Wellington boots are not mossjust for hunting or aristocrats these days although the Royal family aren’t ever far from theirs. They have become over the past few years, a fashion accessory. They have had the ultimate transformation and traveled full circle from the practical to the fashionable back to the  plain, utilitarian rubber boot worn mostly by kids to splash in muddy puddles or for the avid gardener, to the preferred foot attire of top models and celebrities at ‘cool’ music festivals around the world come rain or shine. So the humble welly has never really been that humble. In fact I would go as far as saying that they are great, having done my research! images (1)


I digress, because the purpose of my piece today was to give my take on the coolest boots this season and given that this is a family blog, I have managed to find a boot for all the family! I love wellies, well, I love some wellies. I’m not one to go for the most popular and although I love the simple, traditional style, (they do some fabulous black studded ones now), my choices are a bit more unusual and I’d like to think more stylish!




Lady Jameson Low GTX


My first choice for this season for me has to be Le Chameau Lady Jameson  Low GTX A stunning, 100% waterproof leather boot. Almost a biker boot. As a mother of a 21 month old I can see myself out in the wet park on many an autumn and winter’s day wearing these with pride. How much more stylish and luxurious can you get for park attire?! Unlike other wellies, they have interior zips too so easy to take on and off in a hurry. I absolutely love them.  Le Chameau has been around since 1927 and a firm favourite with the Royals! Kate and Harry are wearing a design from 1965 the Vierzon.


Al Capone BlackWhite-Spats4web
I couldn’t just pick one pair for me, after all, I’m a woman and shoes are our thing, I’ve picked a pair of vintage ganster style Spats that are unmissable. Striking in black and white and perfect for the mud. These are also easy to remove because they are ankle boots with buttoned flaps. They are called ‘Al Capone’ Spats, waterproof and fleece lined – just brilliant. I will be wearing mine with straight leg or skinny jeans. Practical yet so stylish!
W24160_BLK_2_WSOn to the men’s choice. I suppose that I have to give Mr Pregnantcitygirl a look in some of the time. This pair caught his eye whilst I was doing my research. Made by Hunter the Breckenridge Snow Boot is even better than a humble wellington boot. The sole is made using Icetrek technology for amazing grip and they are shearling-lined. Good taste Mr PCG!
Last but by no means least is my choice for Toddler PCG. I should really have put him first but let’s say I have left the best until last. All kids need wellies. A staple of AW wardrobes, most children posses more than one pair. What better than to choose a boot by the company who started this business in the first place. The Aigle Lollypop – classic, simple and just the perfect wellington boot!  The Welly Shop has a brilliant selection.