Blogs-3, babies -1

Who the hell is actually reading my blog????  I’ve had 79 views. 2 today. Now I know that sounds like not very many but nobody knows about it, I haven’t done the ‘publicity’ thing yet (whatever that may be in my deluded mind-no idea yet, but I have big ideas!) and given the anonymity aspect I haven’t even reverted to Facebook.

OK, I’ve written a few articles which I’m trying to get published and those have been sent to a few people whom, I hasten to add, all but a couple with some semblance of decency, have just blanked me. Some people are seemingly so busy that they feel entitled to be rude enough not to answer correspondence at all. Am I surprised? No, not really. My opinions and expectations of the majority of people are low.

Anyway, I won’t rant. I’m not bitter, It’s just a shame. If I can be bothered perhaps I’ll chase up some feedback at some stage. Keep you posted. Its week eight by the way. I’m feeling perfectly ‘normal’. No sickness, nothing. Bit boring really. Had another scan last week which detected a heartbeat (quite exciting in the grand scheme of things but still not enough to really write home about). The embryo looks like  a 1cm-long mouse. Befitting for me as I love cheese! So, it’s not twins. There was no second sac hiding another embryo. Damn, no killing two birds with one stone for me. They all say its healthier to have a singleton but I’ve never done healthy!

I’m sitting in bed eating sweet and sour pickled cucumbers. Cravings, I hear you say. Nope, unfortunately just my usual penchant for pickled cucumbers. Plus I’m trying to fill myself with as much water based food as possible given how the steroids are making me blow up like a balloon ( well, put it this way, I could get away with saying I’m 5 months pregnant now-great when you work in the City, are on the verge of redundancy and trying to keep a pregnancy under wraps-literally!) Even my leggings are uncomfortable. My legs feel like sausage meat stuffed too tightly in to the casing. Time to get down to Primark for some size 10’s!

Already thinking of new business ideas but I suppose I shouldn’t give them away on here (to the two people reading this!). Tell you one thing; it’s not that easy to find pregnancy stuff on the internet. For the pregnant consumer I mean. I’m going to start blogging about products I like ( I am an avid researcher of all things innovative). I just need to work out a way of monetizing my efforts (pregnant and redundant are a match made in heaven are they?!)

For today my helpful hint is bodybrushing. Great at keeping cellulite at bay – I have none, plus I’m hoping will help with stretch marks – I have loads having a weight fluctuation of 11lbs or so over the years from my skinniest to my heaviest (8 stone so nothing major) on a 5’2″ frame with a thin covering of skin. I am using BioOil but I’m not impressed. I’ll finish the two bottles that I bought at Costco and start my web trawling! Any recommendations are welcome. Right, I’m off to the fridge…and btw could I get a few subscribers please??!